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Meet the Photographer

Matt is an award winning Photographer working mainly in the travel and drinks industry. Based in Chile he also covers a much wider area with his large client list. Over forty magazines worldwide have published Matts work. Regular clients are Vanity Fair and Wine Enthusiast.

He manages to capture peoples personality in his studio or on location. Though Matt is a serious photographer he often brings humor into his work. He often works with liquids such as wine and believes liquids should be photographed very fast or very slow.

Not liking the idea of having a style Matt was once quoted as saying “The moment someone recognizes I have a style is the moment I know I need to change it”.

With over thirty years of experience in photography and twenty years in using digital software Matt has knowledge of how to make and refine an image in post production. Many magazines will testify that when they receive images from Matt, they will be of the highest quality and ready to go to print.

Matt has held many exhibitions of his work in Europe, The USA and South America.



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