Matt wilson phtography, photo for matt wilson's diary entry
Poster for \\\\\\\\ \\\\ Shaken, but not broken
Here is one of the official posters from my "SHAKEN, BUT NOT BROKEN" exhibition to be held with Wines of Chile ( and Levantando Chile ( in Chicago on April 27th, San Francisco 29th April then Toronto and London later in the year.

All proceeds go to Levantando Chile to help those affected by the recent earthquake. Please donate if you can


Derek Mossman Knapp of Garage wine company ( and MOVI , who was with me when I made the trips to make these photographs. Without him there would be nothing to show

Lori Tieszen, Juan Somavia, Margaret Snook, Gail Thornton and Vivian Alaluf from Wines of Chile for all their help in producing this exhibition, writing, editing, travel arrangements and more

Solange Leon De Iriarte ( for designing the two official posters, in record time. You rock sister

Natasha Saadat , Eden Ligas and Jennifer Ponce at SoHo experimental ( for their help in the production of the Chicago and San Francisco events

Most of all my thanks and gratitude to the people in the photographs, whose world was so shaken on the 27th of February 2010.

Eight of the photographs from this exhibition have just been requested and donated to the British Red Cross ( A big honour for me.
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