A Carignan day down Maule way

April 7, 2013 Matt

A Carignan day down Maule way

Went down Maule way last week. Was happy to spend an afternoon with Derek Mossman from Garage Wine co at his farmers carignan vineyards. Harvesting grapes for his superb wine from down those there parts.The term they are using is “Ploughman Farmers Programme” Had lunch with Nivaldo and Otelia whom I photographed two years ago. Was great to catch up with them. We drank some of Nivaldos pais wine which he makes in his barn. I asked what it was called and he replied “Pais, no mas” We decided that he needed a better name. It is now formally known as Cuvee Nivaldo. Anyway here are some images from a great Friday afternoon.


Nivaldo and Derek toast the 2013 harvest


Tio Geraldo, Nivaldo and Derek prepare to hit the vineyard


Nivaldo tastes a grape whilst Otelia watches Tio Geraldo sort out the crates


Derek testing the brix in the carignan grapes


Harvesting carignan


Serendipity, a peach tree full or ripe fruit right in the middle of the carignan


Tio Geraldo with a couple of dogs, some peaches and some grapes!


The sky was beginning to bruise, loading up the truck fast


Nice afternoons harvest


Otelia munches some grapes to test their sweetness


Tio Geraldo, 84 years old and setting out the crates


Nivaldo on the grapes whilst sporting his Garage Wine Co apron

Tio Geraldo

Tio Geraldo

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