The Mother ship has landed, and it’s in the Uco Valley

October 27, 2011
October 27, 2011 Matt

The Mother ship has landed, and it’s in the Uco Valley

The first time I saw O’Fourniers Uco Valley winery was around four years ago. I was on a trip with Tim Atkin, Olly Smith and Tom Cannavan. We were driven to this amazing architectural creation late one afternoon from Mendoza city. As we arrived I thought to myself, Wow, this looks like the alien mother ship! As we unloaded from the car, the captain of this particular ship appeared.

Meet, Jose Manuel, Ortega Fournier. CEO of O’Fournier wines. With wineries in Spain, Chile and his Uco Valley masterpiece.

Winery and restaurant

Jose Manuel Ortega Fournier

Jose manuel is certainly a wine industry character that is not easily forgotten. He IS the face of O’Fourniers wines. I now consider him to be one of my good friends in this crazy industry. Whenever I am in Argentina, he puts me up at his Uco Valley guest house and treats me and my family with wonderful generosity.  His winery there produces some fantastic wines. Wines which I can say I buy by the case. Not a statement I say often. My wife who is a winemaker and has the better palate, would not be happy if I came home without some O’Fournier wines stashed in my car. He also has a guest house near San javier in the Maule Valley in Chile. I have stayed there a few times as his guest.


Vineyard sign

Harvest time, with the winery in the distance


















At the winery they have a superb restaurant where his wife Nadia is the head chef! Here the food is always wonderful and paired well with the wines. Nadia makes sauces and oils infused with rosemary and other herbs which grow in abundance around the winery.


Nadia, head chef


Restaurant with lake and terrace

Barrel room, with art galley

Jose Manuel and his wife Nadia, originate from Spain. They moved to Argentina several years ago. Jose manuel spends over 200 days a year traveling the world promoting his wines. I always bump into him at wine events, whether it’s in the US, Europe or South America. I’ll be in a hotel lobby and there he will be on his Blackberry or chatting to a journalist. He is the marketing guru of O’Fourniers, and the results are in and proving he’s doing a great job. In Maule in Chile he is making some superb wines as well. He is a big fan of Carignan from down in Maule. In fact his Centauri 2008 wine, a blend of Cabernet sauvignon, merlot and carignan, won best wine in Chile at a big event last year. A well deserved award.

Jose Manuel on an ancient pais vine. thought to be between 120-140 years old

As a sitter for my style of portraits Jose Manuel is great. He has always supported me and encouraged me. He will introduce me to all the journalists and recommend me to magazines around the globe. Big respect to the captain of the ship.


Winery and vines in Spring

Early morning view from the guest house at O'Fourniers Uco Valley

Spring malbec reaching skyward

young malbec leaf

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British photographer, living in Chile. Working mainly in the drink industry. Just finished work on third book of wine photos and planning next project

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  1. That place would make an AMAZING photo shoot location. What part of Argentina are they in? I might have to convince some novios to take a trip with me 🙂

  2. Matt

    Hi Kyle, it’s in the Mendoza region. Valle de Uco is about an hour and a half drive from the city. Super amazing place. I’m planing a trip there again soon

  3. I’d have to second your opinion Matt. Generous host, fascinating conversationalist and a character bursting with energy and enthusiasm. And his wines are great also!

  4. Matt

    Hi Peter, I was with Jose Manuel last Thursday at the Wines of Chile annual awards dinner. Very entertaining table

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